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With The Current challenges faced by inhabitants of the NW and SWRs, there has been rural exodus as most persons are internally displaced. Those left behind in their respective communities are suffering from the absence of basic needs as most services have either been destroyed or abandoned. Our communities have become hard to reach. PVC has is penetrating these areas for emergency relief. This has given life and hope to these citizens.

Since Emergency Relief funds are very limited, assist us to save lives in the NWR.
We work with about 300 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Bamenda Town. They are displaced from; Momo, Mezam, Donga- Mantung and Bui Divisions in the NWR. They are in need of the following;
• Shelter
• Basic needs (Food items, Clothing, Essential Drugs bathing etc.,)
• Health issues (psychosocial support, awareness creation on prevention of endemic diseases etc.)
• Training of IDPs on Income Generating Activities and provision of seed capital to promote sustainability.
GBV a common practice in the NWR, we are soliciting for funds to educate communities to stop GBV especially on the following categories;
• Economic Denial,
• Child neglect
• Physical violence ( Wife battering, Assault occasioning grievous harm)
• Sexual Abuse