Our Projects


PVC’s activities under this sector are geared towards the promotion of Local Economic Development (LED) and to ensure the implementation of decentralization within councils in the North West Region

The Proud Citizen’s Project

Positive Vision with COMINSUD are currently working in 08 councils (Mbengwi, Batibo, Widikum, Bali, Belo, Bamenda II and III and Fundong) in the North West Region to improve citizens’ access to civil status documents (birth certificates, marriage certificates and death certificates). Presently, we have realised more than 3000 birth certificates and above 1500 deaths and marriages. These organizations are working in collaboration with BUNEC, Courts and other Civil Society Organizations and a simplified way of obtaining these documents has been elaborated.

Elaboration and Update of Council Development Plans (CDPs) in the North West Region
What is a CDP?

A CDP is a reference document that carries the development needs of a council. It is very essential for planning and programming of development projects by the council, Village Development Associations donor agencies and other development partners. This is because it carries the top priority needs per village that have been programmed in a participatory manner.

PVC elaborates CDPs for the following councils: Kumbo, Andek, Ndop, Bamenda I, Bamenda II, Bamenda III, Nkum and Wum council respectively.
PVC assists Councils with CDPs, to build their competences in planning and programming and resource mobilization. All the CDPs are validated at a council session that is extended to sector Ministries

Citizen Report Card Mechanism

PVC is assisting 08 councils (Bafut, Batibo, Belo,Fundong, Mbengwi, Santa, Tubah and Wum ) in the NWR to evaluate the impacts of Citizen control mechanism in meeting the basic needs of the local population in the domains of health, education, water and energy.
This is done to promote good governance at the local level and ensuring that the right services are delivered
Elaboration of Capacity building plans for 06 Councils in the NWR, Cameroon
PVC carries out staff profile diagnosis for 06 councils (Ako, Messaje, Nkambe, Nwa, Ndu and Zhoa). PVC also links councils to institutions that could be used to build the capacities of council staff.

Training of Elected Councillors from councils within RDP-NW’ zone of intervention:

Within the framework of the on-going decentralization process in Cameroon, councillors are involved in the management of councils indirectly. They are expected to play a fundamental role as policy makers and, work in council committees as project planners.
PVC trains councillors from Andek, Njikwa, Mbengwi, Batibo, Widikum Wum, Benakuma, Akwaya, Zhoa, Messaje, Ako, Nwa, Ndu, Kumbo, Wum,Nkum and Nkambe coucils on their roles, mission, tasks and attitudes towards their councils and the communities. They are also trained on handling conflicts, managing teams at the constituency level, among other community, political and cultural duties.
PVC also trains water and road management committees on maintenance, conflict management, hygiene and sanitation and leadership in communities within the NWR.