Our Projects

Agriculture and livestock Production:

The NWR and Cameroon in general focus on agriculture. 90% of the population of NWR practices small scale agriculture. Family income is generated from the sale of agricultural products. PVC tries to increase family incomes on farmers in the NWR and SWR through capacity building and support:
We are Interested in value chain by making sure that value is added to all products like cassava, corn, cocoa and coffee. This is done so that farmers increase their scale of production in order to increase their respective income levels. This leads to food sufficiency and health improvement in general.

We build capacities of farmers and Peasant Organizations (POs) to generate income on;
Improved agriculture (Preservation, Conservation etc.
   • Formation of cocoa, coffee and oil palm nurseries
   • Construction of propagators and yams seed multiplication
   • Poultry and pig farming and feed composition and small business management,
   • Group Dynamics, Collective Purchases/Sales and Resource Mobilization Strategies
   • Sensitization on soil conservation technics and natural resource management
   • Maize conservation, maize and cassava seed multiplication and the use of fertilizers