About us

About us


Positive Vision Cameroon (PVC) is a non-profit Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) with registration No 003/E.29/1111/Vol.8/APPB. PVC promotes sustainable development with the main aim of alleviating poverty in Cameroon


The Head Office of PVC is located behind Former Preventive Medicine Bamenda, Hospital Roundabout on the road to Mbengwi, Bamenda, NW Region, and Cameroon.


Cameroon and the North West Region in particular.

Main Objective

PVC’s main objective is to improve household incomes in Cameroon through sensitization, capacity building, and provision of seed capital, education, advocacy, and research in areas of health, agriculture governance, gender /human rights, natural resource management and humanitarian responses.

Specific Objectives

  • To increase awareness of groups, individuals and communities on sensitive issues pertaining to health, agriculture, culture, gender, human rights, governance, education economic and environmental protection.
  • Enhance the capacities of, individuals, groups and communities through trainings and support.
  • Promote the rights of marginalized groups of people through sensitization, education and advocacy.

Key Areas of Intervention:

  • Health
  • Governance
  • Agriculture/Livestock,
  • Human Rights and Education,
  • Natural Resource Management

PVC’s Values and principles

  • Creating an enabling environment of genuine care, trust, respect, fairness and team spirit.
  • Delivering excellent services.
  • Providing dignity and worth to all people.
  • Respecting diversity in the workplace.
  • Prioritizing values and principles over profits.

PVC’s Work Strategy

The strategy used by PVC to implement its activities is the participatory approach, which involves dialogue, partnership, consultation and participation of all stakeholders at the various levels of the project cycle. PVC mainstreams gender in all project activities.


Positive Vision Cameroon is a member and the current financial Secretary of North West Association of Development Organizations (NWADO)