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Positive Vision Cameroon (PVC) is a non-profit Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) with registration No 003/E.29/1111/Vol.8/APPB. PVC promotes sustainable development with the main aim of alleviating poverty in Cameroon


The Head Office of PVC is located behind Former Preventive Medicine Bamenda, Hospital Roundabout on the road to Mbengwi, Bamenda, NW Region, and Cameroon.

Positive Vision Cameroon (PVC)
P.O Box 727 Mankon
Bamenda, North West Region
Telephone: (237) 651134654 / (237)677125838
Email: pvcam2000@gmail.com


Cameroon and the North West Region in particular.

Our Projects

Health (Prevention of Endemic Diseases)

PVC’s objective is to provide “Quality and accessible health care delivery to all persons in NWR without discrimination. PVC focuses on HIV/AIDS Prevention and treatment, Fight against malaria and Tuberculosis in the NW and SW Regions of Cameroon.


PVC’s activities under this sector are geared towards the promotion of Local Economic Development (LED) and to ensure the implementation of decentralization within councils in the North West Region
The Proud Citizen’s Project
Positive Vision with COMINSUD are currently working in 08 councils (Mbengwi, Batibo, Widikum, Bali, Belo, Bamenda II and III and Fundong) ..

Natural Resource Management Projects

Elaboration of the Project Idea Note for the Piot REDD+ Project in Kumbo Council
REDD+ means the Reduction of Emissions for Deforestation and Forest degradation

PVC assists Kumbo council to curb deforestation and degradation of the Kov-Ndzeen block (1718ha) of the Kumbo Council Forest through reforestation, improved inclusive forest management practices and alternative livelihoods.

Agriculture and livestock Production:

The NWR and Cameroon in general focus on agriculture. 90% of the population of NWR practices small scale agriculture. Family income is generated from the sale of agricultural products. PVC tries to increase family incomes on farmers in the NWR and SWR through capacity building and support:
We are Interested in value chain by making sure that value is added to all products like cassava, corn, cocoa and coffee. 


Literacy rate of NWR is about 60%. Basic education is necessary for communication so that PVC can easily carry out project activities. This is why PVC has incorporated Functional adult literacy in her project.
Functional literacy is seen as the motor for any development endeavour, as it addresses daily difficulties of the poor living in remote areas and increase participation.
PVC intervenes through training of instructors and following up the effective classes in the literacy centres. As a result,
Adult Learners have gained basic knowledge on home management,
Adult learners have become self-reliant as they can manage their resources,
Adult learners have acquired communication skills and techniques so as to interact freely with the society,
They have acquired basic knowledge to participate actively in the development of their respective communities